Residential Movers in Des Moines, IA

A lot of logistics are involved with moving from one house to another. You have to consider how many possessions, appliances, and pieces of furniture you have compared to how much room you have in the vehicle you’re using to move. If you have a lot of possessions or young children, then the moving process can seem like an unconquerable task.

That’s why Riley Moving and Storage has residential movers that can help you through it. We have been helping families move for over 80 years. Our decades of experience have given us a deep working knowledge of the most efficient ways to move from one place to the next, so let us help you make a smooth transition to or from the Des Moines, IA, area.

Worry-Free Moving

Riley Moving and Storage wants your moving experience to go as smoothly as possible, right from the start. We offer free moving estimates so you know exactly how much to plan for when hiring residential movers. If you find yourself running low on packing supplies as you prepare for the big day, we offer a selection of quality products to choose from.

We’ll help you move your boxes and furniture into a secure moving truck. Protective supplies are a must, which is why we come prepared with plenty of bubble and stretch wrap, as well as blankets, to keep your possessions safe during the move. Should you need to store some items in the short or long-term, we can set up a storage solution for however long you need.

Experienced Movers

Riley Moving and Storage strives to provide comprehensive moving and storage services for every situation. Whether you’re making a long-distance move to a new house or moving from an apartment to a house down the street, we can help you get there. Our residential movers are efficient and experienced, and we treat your possessions like they were ours.

Take advantage of our free quotes today. Call our Des Moines, IA, location at (515) 309-1100 or our Davenport location at (563) 391-1940.